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The most transparent job search engine with match score. Set your preferences such as tech stack, work location and years of experience to find the most suitable tech jobs. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and bad filters.

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1. Professional Area
The domain in which you want to do the main part of your work. Don't worry if you are not sure. The area is only one of several possible criteria to calculate the score.

Select up to 2 professional areas

Full Stack Development
Backend Development
Frontend Development
Mobile Development
Embedded Systems
Graphics/Game Development
DevOps/System Administration
Database Administration
Cyber Security
Data Science/Data Engineering
UX / UI Design
2. Technologies
Technologies is our umbrella term for all IT-related tools, e.g. programming languages, databases, frameworks, DevOps tools, SaaS and cloud providers, etc.

Set your preferred or unwanted technologies

3. Location
You can choose whether you want to work on-site from the office or remotely. Depending on your preference, you can then choose from possible cities or countries.

Set your preferred work location

4. Years of Experience
Job postings usually require a certain amount of experience from job seekers. If your experience does not meet the requirement but is no more than one year apart, we will still show you the job posting – though with a lower score.

Set your years of experience

Putting you back at the helm. It's no rocket science.

The difference

Structured and reviewed data

Job descriptions packed into plain text are great for communicating responsibilities, opportunities and culture. But they lack comparability. To give you the best search experience, we focus on structured data. Employers submit jobs in a uniform way through our assisted forms and we ensure the quality through reviews.

Full control over your job search

We have noticed that in the recent past many job platforms have popped up that allow job seekers to create a profile. They automatically give a selection of suitable jobs or allow you to be contacted by companies. In contrast, our search gives you back full control while combining the advantages of automatic match analysis.

Transparent score calculation

Our goal is to offer a comprehensible search that can be trusted and which puts an end to endless scrolling. We use your preferences to calculate a score for each job posting. The results show their score which is also the sorting criterion to help you find the best jobs as quickly as possible. You can learn more about the calculation on our explanation page.

Transparency, comparability and reliability

You know best what you want

We asked many job seekers and employees from the tech industry what is important to them when searching for jobs online. FindTech.Jobs is the answer to their requirements. We focus on high-quality job postings with the details that matter and get one thing right – the search.

demonstrating the preference selection

Criteria that matter

You want to find a job in a particular field, shine with knowledge in one programming language or develop with some new framework? Our search can help you with these and many other career plans.

Oh, and by the way: Our search isn’t a plain filter – we don’t discard results just because they don’t satisfy one criterion.

demonstrating the match score in job posting listings

A result you can trust

The search calculates a score from 1 to 100 for each result to give you a quick impression of the match accuracy. We even publish how the match score is calculated on our explanation page.

demonstrating the saved search preferences

Never miss interesting job opportunities

Sign up to save search preferences and activate email notifications. Additionally, you can also bookmark job postings and make notes such as questions you have for the interview. However, to apply for a job there is no need to be registered – the application links are available for everyone!

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