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Our name speaks for itself. We are a niche job board with a pure focus on software developers and other computer specialists. Posting jobs with us is your statement of being technology-driven and progressive in finding tech talent that wants to help build your vision.

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Who are the users of FindTech.Jobs?
Full Stack Engineers
Backend Engineers
Frontend Engineers
Mobile Engineers
Embedded Systems Engineers
Game Developers
DevOps Engineers
QA/Testing Engineers
Database Administrators
Cyber Security Engineers
Data Scientists
UX and UI Designers
What would make developers leave their current employer?
#1Career advancement
#2Broadening skills and knowledge
#3Ability to work remotely
#4Taking up a more challenging role
Source: State of the Developer Nation 21st Edition, Motivations of developers to look for a new employer beyond financial incentives
Top talents know when it's time for a new challenge – and they find it on FindTech.Jobs
Developers are hungry to learn and progress. Apart from financial incentives, the opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge in certain areas and technologies are becoming increasingly important. In addition, remote work is another deciding factor when choosing a new employer. On FindTech.Jobs, developers can reliably search for preferred but also unpreferred technologies, remote work, and other criteria.
This is how targeting top talent works
A person who pins a job posting to the board

Sign up and verify your work email address

A person who pins a job posting to the board

Enter your company information

A person who pins a job posting to the board

Create a new job posting draft, edit it and preview it

A person who pins a job posting to the board

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Too busy? No problem! Just fill out our short form with the links to your open tech positions and we prepare everything, so you'll only need to review the postings before publication.
Each job posting for €90 €0 a month*
Includes every feature we offer and unlimited job applicants
* We grant a free plan (valid for 3 months and unlimited job postings) to any employer who signs up and posts at least one job during our launch period (no subscription or credit card required). After the expiration, the usual price applies for any new job postings.

Your advantages
With high-quality, structured job postings paired with an interest-based search, we reach passionate tech workers. Furthermore, we are constantly improving our job board. Head over to our public roadmap to see what we are working on and what's planned.
Information-rich job postings
Accurate and structured data is important to give job seekers the best search experience.
Transparent, interest-based job search
We have optimized our search engine so that your company can be found by talents who know what excites them.
Unlimited work locations
We advertise your jobs in any cities you wish. Perfect if you have multiple offices or want to recruit remote workers.
Google for jobs recruiting network
Boost the exposure of your job postings and display them prominently in the Google Search.
Company page
Showcase your employer brand with all the information that matter to developers.
Automatic data extraction
Speed up your publishing. Just link to your already published job posting, and our AI fills out the form in a blink.
Edit and review links
Let someone directly from the department or team review or edit the job posting with a password-secured link.
Performance statistics
Oversee the impressions, job posting views, application link clicks and ratios.
Live chat support
You have a question, a request or feedback? Just write us in the live chat on our website.
Professional review
Don't run the risk of missing or inconsistent data. Our website validates your input and in addition, we review every ad before publication.
Frequently asked questions
How can I reach the support?

You can write us through the live chat on our website (see bottom left) or send us an e-mail. We are always happy to help you. Also, we love to hear your feedback.

Why do I need to provide an application link when creating a new job posting?

Each job posting contains a link that leads to the page where candidates can apply. This page is usually provided by an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or your own career homepage. We do not provide application forms, an ATS, or curating of applicants.

Why are there only limited benefits to choose from?

Our goal is to make the benefits as comparable as possible among different employers and job postings. This is only possible if we list fundamental benefits that matter most to job seekers. Anything beyond that can be arranged and interpreted in many different ways. For this reason, benefits should always be listed with their details in the job description. Nevertheless, if you have a suggestion for improvement to our current implementation, please let us know.

Can I edit already published job postings?

Of course! Just click on "edit" on one of your published job postings. When you save your edits, we'll create a copy of your job posting (with the status "draft"). You can then publish it and we'll overwrite the data in the original job posting.

How do I unpublish a job posting?

Job postings will be automatically unpublished and archived if the application link leads to an HTTP error (response status code outside of the 200-299 range). If your application links still result in a successful response status, even though the job is no longer available, you must archive the job yourself in the employer dashboard.

My job ad is posted, but I can't find it in the job search. What is the reason?

Due to our caching strategy, it can take a moment until all changes are reflected in our system. Please check again in a couple of hours.

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