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Our mission

We help people find tech jobs that match them

FindTech.Jobs is a niche job board dedicated to helping software developers and other computer specialists find jobs that match their skills and interests. We make the tech job search transparent and reliable – and take the friction out of both sides of the hiring equation.

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Why we do this

Software is here to stay and so are the people who create it

Developers don’t have a hard time finding jobs – the problem is finding the right opportunities. When we were looking for new opportunities, we were extremely underwhelmed with the experience. We yearned for a higher standard that we’ve come to expect from using great platforms like Stack Overflow Jobs. Something providing structure, high-quality data, making it easy comparing all opportunities out there, and offering a great UX. It didn’t exist so we built our own.

Our goal is to make FindTech.Jobs the most reliable source for jobs in tech. This goes beyond just building a great job board. It includes a commitment to providing the education, community, and support developers need to land the job that matches them best.

How we are different

A more dev-friendly alternative to the average job board

Our founders

Completely independent, self-funded and bootstrapped

FindTech.Jobs development started at the end of 2021, public beta was launched in April 2022, and employer subscriptions are planned for later this year. We are completely independent, self-funded and bootstrapped.

The job board is designed, developed, scaled, and maintained by:

We’ve been best friends since pre-school, and we’ve been working together in different setups in the past years. As a small team, we're flexible with the tasks we take up and are eager to learn whatever it takes to make things work for our users. We are really product-driven and builders at heart. Our tech stack is built on a variety of technologies from the latest hot-stuff to very proven things, including TypeScript, NestJS, MySQL, Redis, Kubernetes, Svelte, and Tailwind.

Of course, there is always room for improvement. You have ideas for new features? There is something you think we should improve? We are always happy to hear about these things. So don't hesitate and create a feature request – or a bug report, in case something is not working as expected.

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